March 29, 2023


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Yizumi HPM Setting up grand factory in Gujarat


Yizumi HPM is setting up a grand factory with a massive 80,000 square feet of covered area. Once completed, the company will yield an annual output of nearly 10 billion rupees. The site was inaugurated by the Minister of state, Gujarat, Shri Jagdishbhai Panchal along with Mr. Ramesh Varadan, Managing Director, Yizumi HPM India. As an important injection molding machine manufacturer in the industry, Yizumi HPM has made this wise investment to immerse itself in the Indian market and build a strong business foundation for its marketing, service, and production technology.At the inaugural, Managing Director of Yizumi, Mr. Ramesh Varadan said “We have invested around 200 crores and will be employing 250 people. There will be more and more opportunities in the near future. Having more than 80 industrialists from Tamil Nadu, making a total contribution of more than 70% industrialists from Southern part of India have been witnessed. Yizumi is one of the biggest injection molding manufacturers in India. Currently we sold 1500 machines and moving forward we target manufacturing 1200 machines every year.”“Gujarat has an easy and fast process for an industrialist to have a setup, and the reason being we are seeing more and more development within the state. All the approvals can happen within 30 days, and I am sure this will help new investors like Yizumi to come forward.” said Shri Jagdishbhai Panchal, Minister of State, Gujarat.

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