March 28, 2023


Twice a Week

Pushkaram College of Agriculture Sciences conducted a FAW research program


Pushkaram College of Agriculture Sciences (PCAS), M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation (M.S.S.R.F) Pudukkottai, CABI, CHAP (UK) and Ystumtec (UK) jointly Conducting a research programme entitled ”Invasive Species Sentinel Sensor Network Project against Fall Armyworm (FAW) on Maize’ at The Department of Agricultural Entomology, PCAS, Pudukkottai.
Dr. Vinod Pandit, Programme Leader, Development Communications and Extension, CABI, New Delhi, India and Dr. R. Rajkumar, Principal Scientist, M.S.S.R.F, Pudukkottai visited PCAS to assess the progress of the project on 02.03.2023.
On behalf of the Institution Mr. M. Rajaram, Secretary, PCAS, Pudukkottai made a discussion about agreement process, laboratory facilities and organizational collaborations etc.
Dr. S. Vinoth Kumar, Project Investigator, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Agricultural Entomology explained the field activities, laboratory initiatives, FAW rearing process, the involvement of students from final year B.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture and the overall progress of the project.
Dr. S. Lekha Priyanka, Assistant Professor (Entomology) has been participated on the activities.

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