March 29, 2023


Twice a Week

Food pipe cancer in a young man successfully treated with Trimodality therapy and keyhole surgery, by the team of Apollo cancer centers Doctors.


Speaking at a press conference in Madurai, Dr. Balu Mahendra, surgical oncologist of Apollo cancer centres, Madurai. said that a 28-year-old young man from Madurai was unable to swallow food and was diagnosed with cancer in the esophagus “When open surgery is used to treat esophageal cancer, it is common for the patient to experience severe post-operative pain, lung infection and other complications. In order to avoid them, he has used VATS (Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery) for the successfully removal of cancer tumour. He was able to breathe, talk and perform his daily activities without pain the next day and was discharged within a week of surgery. It is a boon for esophageal cancer sufferers. He added, “deploying trimodality therapy is likely to reduce the length of the stay by about 50% while increase the cure rate by about 15%”Medical Oncologist Dr. Devanand said, “The fear of cancer is a barrier for patients to approach the doctor on time. Early detection increases the benefit out of cancer drugs known as chemotherapy, and the chances of a complete cure are greater. So, if there is a suspicion of cancer, it is better to consult a cancer specialist immediately.Radiation oncologist Dr. Sathish Srinivasan said, “Esophageal cancer are usually treated by radiation therapy and chemotherapy. In this case, after consultation with the tumour board. It was recommended and doctors accepted that TRIMODALITY THERAPY was very necessary for this young man to have a complete recovery. As a result, he underwent radiation therapy and chemotherapy for four weeks. Followed by Microscopic surgery. As a result, three-pronged treatment has been successfully provided to prevent the recurrence of this cancer. “With the latest radiation therapy methods, it has become much easier and safer to treat without side effects.Joint Director Medical Department JDMS regarding this. Dr. PraveenRajan said, “Esophageal cancer is often diagnosed late. Due to this, it is common to have problems in completing the treatment in many cases. However, due to the excellent treatment of our expertise team of doctors, he has now recovered. He said that surveillance tests will be done from time to time for another two years to assess the progress of the disease.Madurai Cluster COO of Apollo Hospitals – Mr. Neelakannan said, “Excellent treatments options are available under the supervision of the complete medical team for cancer treatments at Apollo Cancer Center Madurai. And the latest equipments are brought in to benefit the patients. Thus, South Tamil Nadu cancer patients can get world-class treatments at affordable pricing.” Also Super Speciality team of doctors Dr.Rajesh Prabhu, Dr.Ayyaappan, Dr.Ganesh, Dr Praveen Kumar, Dr Prabhu, Marketing Regional General Manager K. Manikandan, Apollo Madurai Unit Head Dr. Nikhil Tiwari, and SLM Oncology Mr. Prem Daniel were also present.

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