March 28, 2023


Twice a Week

Dr.Rekha Raju praised lord Shiva on Maha Sivratri with her Mohiniyattam

Dr.Rekha Raju Famous Mohiniyattam artiste Rendered her dance performance to lord shiva in Thiruvaiyaru Ayarappar temple, Papanasam Kailasanathar temple, Mayavaram Mayuranatheswarar temple and Chidambaram Natyanjali as a part of Shivaratri Festival Natyanjali. Many people attended and enjoyed Rekha Raju’s Mohiniyattam. She was accompanied by Roshini on vocals, nagai Sriram on mridangam and Anantharaman on violin.

Praising Lord Shiva in various languages, Rekha presented stories of Markandeyan , Kannappar, Ravanas Rudra Veena and as to how Shiva’s 3rd eye can burn the whole world into ashes. Rekha is a senior disciple of Guru Kalamandalam Dr. Suganthi and has recently received the Ustad Bismillah Khan award from Central Sangeet Natak Academy Ministry of Culture Govt of India for her overall contributions to performing arts.

While Talking about Natyanjali Dr.Rekha Raju said, “Natyanjali has been very special to me – with pride I could say I’m the only Mohinattam dancer to perform in so many districts continuously for over 8 years – indeed brings me immense happiness to visit such great temples attached with historic values”.

Speaking about Mohiniyattam she said, I’m glad to be a part of Natyanjali. Like Bharatanatyam, Mohiniyattam is a good art. There is a lot of tradition in both. Mohiniyattam would be better only if we dance without any distraction. And she said that Mohiniyattam is not as popular as Bharatanatyam. I have performed more than 2000+ stages. In order to fulfill the goal of creating many more artistes like me I run a dance school called Nrithya dhama Temple of fine Arts in Bangalore. Currently I have 300 students practising arts that have some overseas students as well”.

She also said, “I have discipled plenty of students – just not dance I have students who have studied life under me too – being a youngster life has taught me lessons of sharing caring and being a good human and that’s what I preach – so that the next generation have a better once to live in”.

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